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Rheumatology for Primary Care Physicians   Editor Daniel Pacheco Rodrí

Marta Aliste S, Maria Alvarez C, Macarena Armstrong B, Sonia Arriagada H, Marina Arriagada M, Cecília Arribada M, Francisco Ballesteros J, Paula Burgos C, Neva Cáceres C, Aurelio Carvallo V, Marcela Cisternas M, Carolina Foster B, Carlos Fuentealba P, Daniela Grünholz G, Miguel Gutiérrez T, Sonia Kaliski K, Paula Kusnir A, Luis Lira W, Rossana Marchetti F, Carlos Martínez H, Carola Martínez P, Marta Miranda A, Oscar Neira Q, Sofia Pacheco E, Daniel Pacheco R, Paula Pozo L, Francisco Radrigán A, Pablo Riedemann G, Francisco Silva L, Lilian Soto S, Marisol Toso L, Cecília Trejo R, William A. Vargas B, Lorena Venegas D, Eduardo Wainstein G, Verônica Wolff C.
Intellectual Property Registry Number 249,027
ISBN 978-956-7992-15-7
Graphic production Tangram Ediciones
Printed by Gráfica Funny S.A. In Santiago de Chile, November 2015.
This publication provides the basis for the diagnosis and treatment of the most frequent rheumatic diseases, with a useful and practical approach for the non-specialist or training physician. Sponsored by the Pan American League of Rheumatology Associations and Chilean Society of Rheumatology in 2015.
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