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Continuing Medical Education

Discover everything Panlar Edu’s EMC program has for health professionals.

We will launch:

The website to improve the education of medical students in Latin America


Social media primer for rheumatologists

Discover the best way to use digital platforms for health professionals.

Review Course

Impact of rheumatic diseases and rheumatoid arthritis.
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Fibromyalgia Practical aspects for diagnosis and management

This Webcast is now available to view on demand. Click here.

Luis Fernando Vidal Neira Vidal Neira

Juvenile Arthritis

This Webcast is now available to view on demand. Click here.

Jaime.Guzmán Guzmán Ramirez

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Let’s Talk about Lupus

An initiative to educate lupus patients

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A Place for Arthritis Patients

We will launch the education program for rheumatoid arthritis patients

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#LupusMay Initiative

World Lupus Day is commemorated on May 10th since the year 2004…

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