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At PANLAR we want to build our history together. In addition to an in-depth review of the relatively scarce literature on the subject, we have taken a qualitative approach to the narrative. We have created a history focus group, undertaken interviews and surveys with influential people who have actively participated in PANLAR, gathered testimonies and requested archive documents from national associations that will help us understand evolution and collectively tell our history in the making.
This is a project that seeks to rescue and safeguard the history of Pan-American rheumatology through the collection, research and organized narration of unique material to be shared with all PANLAR-member countries, which will be available as reference material to better comprehend the fight against rheumatic disease.
Although some parts of our history have been chronologically organized, we wanted to add format, presentation and participation items that will help all members, especially new generations, to better understand and enrich our history for many generations to come.
This way we can pay tribute to those who have left a legacy with their work. Ultimately, the future of PANLAR is theirs to decide.
The project comprises 3 stages:
  1. 1. Information gathering
  2. 2. Digital timeline
  3. 3. Draft version to commemorate PANLAR’s 75th anniversary
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