Carlo Vinicio Caballero Uribe.


I would like to share with you the progress of my term as PANLAR President, which includes thoughts, observations, ideas and positions with regard to our profession and the desire to exchange opinions with each of you without the constraints of an e-mail or editorial column.

This will be an informative space that will allow you first-hand access to what occurs within PANLAR. I shall begin with my current vision for PANLAR and the way we shall proceed in the next two years dealing with the challenges we face. In following notes I will delve into key aspects and reply to your (hopefully frequent) comments and questions.

I promise you that through these notes I will be closer to all. We are all PANLAR.

Please have a look at the concept behind these notes by following the link below: Videos

Carlo Vinicio Caballlero Uribe
PANLAR President


The transformation of medical education

CME as we have known it for a long times comes mainly from medical update events.


Long-term vision II

The 2016-2022 Development Agenda  


Medicine in the Face of Technological Challenges

“We can do as we wish with new media, except ignore them.” Marshall Mc Luhan