PanlarCommunications at the center of PANLAR’s transformation  

Carlo Vinicio Caballero Uribe.


“The art of communication is the language of leadership.”
– James Humes

One of the things that stands out among the activities we have undertaken is the deep change in PANLAR’s communication strategy with its partners. Under the slogan We are all PANLAR we have created a movement for each and everyone in PANLAR, be it associations, trained or future rheumatologists, patients and caregivers, professionals from other areas with an interest in rheumatology, governments, or institutions and sponsors committed to the fight against rheumatic disease to find the tools necessary for a success in their field of expertise. We are all PANLAR is based on the idea of a community supported by collaborative work, open participation, two-way communication and frequent interaction with the organization.


Communications Plan

We have outlined a strategy based on a Communications Plan with specific objectives associates to organizational visibility, aimed towards positioning PANLAR as a leading organization in rheumatology training in digital contexts, linking PANLAR to leaders in health topics and being an organization that works closely with health professionals and patients alike.
The Plan entails:
  • Web page redesign: Our web page has been redesigned as a portal of rheumatology news aimed at informing rheumatologists and the community as a whole. The internet portal is user-friendly, responsive and integrated to social networks.
  • Strengthening social networks: We consider social media the circulatory system of the society of knowledge and the cornerstone of a vibrant community that interacts and grows. Our community has grown substantially: As a result of our plan we have over 12.000 “Likes” on our Facebook page, a growth of over 4000%, over 3000 Twitter followers (272%), 542 Instagram followers (+2300%), a growing presence in LinkedIn (322%) and YouTube. Additionally, our newsletters reach over 3000 addresses. We have become one of social media’s fastest growing national associations worldwide, as well as a leading rheumatology organization one year from the implementation of our plan.
  • Changes to event format: We have introduced changes to our event format, which I will further elaborate on in a future note. For the time being, I would like to stress we have included them in the redesign of “Meeting Architecture” and that we have used different formats, in addition to scientific ones, to publicize and report on them: “Meeting Reports” in video, video clip, video message and other formats to transmit and report on our activities.
  • Launching a virtual education program: We have launched PanlarEdu, our continuing education proposal featuring considerable digital components, which takes into account the changes to medical education and is intended not only for rheumatologists but for other health professionals and patients.
  • Setting up a PANLAR digital historical archive: The lack of a historical archive was remedied by the PANLAR History project, with the collection of large photographic and text materials to be compiled in digital format and in a commemorative book and for PANLAR’s 75th anniversary.

The future

We are using communications to transform the organization by helping create a community with a strong identity and high-value products of its own intended for its members. We know there is a need to access trustworthy scientific information through networks, mainly by the general public. Programs such as Let’s talk about Lupus show the need of reliable scientific information on behalf of associations and physicians for our patients. We would also like to enlarge PanlarEdu through different high-level courses and programs that keep personalized education at the center and that prove useful in the different accreditation processes. Finally, we want to continue to improve our events, both on-site and online, through innovation.
Our communications plan is set to become the language of leadership presented from the top of our organization to guide its transformation.
We are all PANLAR


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