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There is no doubt that Study Groups are the active engine within the League that allow the development of the specialty, know the reality of the specialty in our continent and the growth of it.

Study groups seeking endorsement from the PANLAR Education Committee and the PANLAR Executive Committee, may participate in the 2017 Call for Projects.
  1. Projects shall be submitted in the ILAR-adapted form.
  2. Projects will be reviewed by the Study Groups Subcommittee, the Education Committee and, if necessary, by an expert in the area (designated by the former).
In this manner, project quality and feasibility will be determined and a recommendation will be submitted to the Executive Committee and the Finance Committee, which shall take a final decision to grant PANLAR funds for the development of the project.
The following documents shall be presented to support a study group’s (SG) request for evaluation:
  1. A list of all the SG members, with attached positive proof of membership to any PANLAR member society or association.
  2. A description of the proposed SG organizational structure.
  3. Names and contact details of two (2) coordinators for each SG, as well as their starting dates. Coordinators shall preferably originate from different PANLAR regions.
The above information shall be submitted to Dr. Gloria Vásquez, Dr. Graciela Espada and the PANLAR Secretariat no later than August 15, 2017.
Please remember the group shall be endorsed before being eligible for financial support.
Dr. Gloria Vásquez
Dr. Graciela Espada
PANLAR Study Groups Subcommittee
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