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Innovation is a change that introduces novelties. Innovation in its simplest sense can refer to a new idea, apparatus or method.

In the New PANLAR, one of our main objectives is to innovate to generate greater value in all fields of Rheumatology.
From the direction of the organization, we are already generating new and better ways of doing things and carrying out the processes. We want innovation to be part of the PANLAR Culture.
We know that the potential within the Pan American League is immense, but how much time do we spend generating and creating new ideas? We believe that is not enough. Therefore, we will start by providing spaces within each of our events where attendees can give free rein to their ability to generate and communicate their ideas; No limits, no restrictions!
PANLAR Innovation Award
In addition to the spaces mentioned, we decided to create a recognition of the best ideas, so that they have the possibility of obtaining accompaniment, resources, and other benefits.
We will consider the following questions to define the winning idea:
Is it really an innovative idea?
How original is the idea?
How applicable is the idea?
What is the impact of this idea?
How replicable is the idea?
We want to reward the ability to be innovative, to think "out of the box" and contribute in this way to the development of the specialty and the attention of rheumatic patients by developing practical solutions in our daily work.
The winners will receive a scholarship of 10 thousand dollars that can be used in what they consider and demonstrate necessary to be able to develop the idea.
You can present the idea you want, any way you want. The only requirements to participate are:
  • Be a member PANLAR
  • Have an innovative idea that contributes to Rheumatology in the areas of care, research, education and / or services. (It may be to develop a working idea, an apparatus or equipment that improves the practice of the specialty or a methodology that benefits our patients).
  • To be at peace with the treasury
  • Fill out the attached form
  • A panel of judges appointed by PANLAR will evaluate the proposals for which in addition to the form must be submitted:
  • Letter from the Association or National Medical Society of Rheumatology to which the contestant belongs indicating the aspiration. (Send as attachment to the email
  • A letter from the applicant indicating how he / she believes that PANLAR may be an innovative league in other aspects of its interest other than the proposed idea (limit 500 words) (Send as attachment to the email
  • Demonstrate participation in PANLAR activities (congresses, courses, study groups, etc.). Attach certificates (Send to
  • If you are a winner of the Prize, you must submit a half-yearly report to PANLAR about the progress of the Prize and indicate in which you have invested your scholarship.
The call will be open until October 15, 2017 and the evaluation of ideas will be from November 1 to November 10.
The prizes will be announced at the PANLAR assembly in the ACR and awards will be given in a place to be defined.
Form to participate for the PANLAR Prize of Innovation:
  1. Title of the Project or Innovative Idea
  2. country
  3. Description of the idea including what resources and time it takes to develop it (no more than 500 words).
  4. What is the target audience that will benefit from this idea?
  5. How or with what measures will evaluate the development of the idea?
  6. How could you replicate your idea to benefit more countries in the league?
To register, click here to fill out your form.
Thankful again,
PANLAR we are all!
Carlo V. Caballero
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